Crosby safety relief Valve JOS E
Crosby safety relief Valve JOS E

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Crosby Relief Valve JOS-E, JBS-E, JLT-JOS-E, JLT-JBS-E, JOS-H-E Spring Loaded

Sizes: 1" x 2" to 8" x 10" Orifices: 0.110 to 27.872 in2 [0.710 to 167.7 cm2] Inlet Ratings: ANSI Class 150 to 2500 Temperature Range: -450 to +1000°F [-268 to +538°C] Set Pressures: 5 to 6000 psig [0.34 to 413 barg] Code: ASME VIII [15 psig and above]

Conventional and Balanced Bellows Spring loaded pressure relief valves built in accordance with API Standards 526 and 527 for air, gas, steam and vapor. Styles JLT-JOS-E and JLT-JBS-E for liquid service and two phase applications.

Series JOS-E and JBS-E Spring-Loaded Pressure Relief Valves
Series JLT-JOS-E and JLT-JBS-E Liquid Trim Pressure Relief Valves

Series JOS-E and JBS-E Spring-Loaded Pressure Relief Valves
Crosby Series JOS-E and JBS-E spring-loaded pressure relief valves have been engineered to provide high quality over-pressure protection for air, gas, steam, vapor, liquid and two-phase applications in an exceptionally rugged, standardized design to the process and power industries. Manufactured in accordance with ASME Pressure Vessel Code, Section VIII and capacities are certified by the National Board of Boiler and Pressure Vessel Inspectors.

Series JLT-JOS-E and JLT-JBS-E Liquid Trim Pressure Relief Valves:
Crosby Series JLT pressure relief valves for liquid service were developed using Crosby’s unique patented trim design. This contoured liquid trim design with over 25 years of successful field experience was patented prior to the issuance of ASME Code Section VIII requirements that became mandatory in 1985. The JLT trim offers a significant increase in capacity at 10% overpressure and in many cases, results in selection of a smaller valve with an associated reduction in inlet and discharge piping costs. The JLT design is also capacity certified for gas and vapor service and can be applied in two-phase flow applications. The JLT design is a logical choice where the process fluid may be a liquid or gas depending on the overpressure condition.

Features & Benefits:

  • Rugged nozzle ring design.
  • Improved disc insert retention for ease of maintenance.
  • Standard Inconel® 625 bellows and flange material for superior corrosion resistance, longer service life and a wider range of applications.
  • Universal disc holder allows for simple and cost-effective conversions from conventional to balanced bellows design.
  • Standard threaded bellows design for ease of maintenance and conversion from conventional to balanced bellows design.
  • Optional welded bellows attachment is available for special applications.
  • Series JLT capacities certified on liquid and gas.
  • Improved parts interchangeability, regardless of top construction.
  • Field proven series JLT trim (patented) for stable, non-chattering operation on liquid and gas service.
  • Standard chrome steel spring for -75°F to +650°F [-59°C to +343°C].
  • Easily converted to any type cap or lifting lever construction, liquid trim, soft seat or balanced bellows configurations.
  • Full compliance with ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code Section VIII and API Standards 526 and 527.

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