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Crispin K-Flo 500 & 47 Series Butterfly Valves

K-FLO BUTTERFLY VALVES The K-FLO valve line, which features 3 designs and ranges in size from 3” up to 168”, is fully compliant with AWWA C504 standards.

Crispin K-Flo valves have more than 50 years of service in the industry.

Crispin K Flo 500 Series Features:

• A heavy duty, resilient seated butterfly valve

• Suited for municipal, power & industrial applications

• Flanged or mechanical joint configurations available

Crispin K Flo 47 Series Features:

• A large diameter valve designed for a wide variety of   liquid and gaseous applications

• Mechanical configurations thru 48”, with flanged configurations thru 168”

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