Pressure Relief Valve Engineering Handbook

Please note that the brand names of pressure relief devices covered (Anderson Greenwood, Crosby, Whessoe and Varec) are of Pentair manufacture.

A specific valve brand is selected, according to pressure range, temperature range, valve size, industry application and other applicable factors.
This manual has been designed to provide a service to Pentair customers by presenting reference data and technical recommendations based on over 125 years of pioneering research, development, design, manufacture and application of pressure relief valves.

The primary purpose of a pressure or vacuum relief valve is to protect life and property by venting process fluid from an over pressurized vessel or adding fluid (such as air) to prevent formation of a vacuum strong enough to cause a storage tank to collapse.

Proper sizing, selection, manufacture, assembly, testing, installation, and maintenance of a pressure relief valve are all critical for optimal protection of the vessel or system.

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