Anderson Greenwood pilot operated safety relief valve
Anderson Greenwood pilot operated safety relief valve

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Series 500 Modulating Safety Relief Valve

Pilot Operated Modulating Safety Relief Valve for Steam/Liq/Gas/Vapor service Sizes: 1" thru 8" inlet Range: 15-720 PSIG Temp: -65 to 515 F

The Anderson Greenwood Series 500 is a unique soft seated safety relief valve designed to handle higher temperatures. It was created with a specific design objective: to decrease the leakage associated with metal-seated safety relief valves under extreme conditions.

The result is a modulating, soft-seated, pilot operated valve offering premium tightness with the ability to handle temperatures from -65°F to 515°F [-54°C to 268°C] and a set pressure range of 15 to 720 psig [1.03 to 49.6 barg].

The soft seat in the Series 500 main valve is more resistant to particulate damage than a metal seat, has a longer service life, and can be quickly replaced while the valve body remains installed in the line.

Its unique design enables the main valve to be tight at pressures up to set point. After relieving and reseating, it stays bubble-tight, cycle after cycle. Applications for the Series 500 include hot water, steam (ASME Section VIII Unfired Pressure Vessels), hot hydrocarbon vapors or liquids, and corrosive services.

Features & Benefits:

  • Reduced Product Loss and Pollution: Soft seats for premium tightness before and after relief cycles.
  • All Plastic Soft Goods: Plastic seats and seals provide chemical compatibility with the lading fluid.
  • Increased System Output: Because of total valve tightness to at least 95 percent of set pressure, the system can be operated nearer to set pressure without valve leakage. The result is greater system production capability.
  • Reduced Maintenance Costs: Resilient seats greatly extend service life. Costly and time consuming metal seat lapping is unnecessary.
  • Balanced Design: Proper valve operation and lift are unaffected by back pressure. Costly and fragile metal bellows are not required.
  • ASME Section VIII Stamp: Certified National Board capacities for steam, gases, and liquids assures user of independent third party flow rate verification.
  • Unique Field Test Capability: Allows accurate set pressure verification with valve in service. No system isolation valve or rupture disc is required. Single indicator button is available as an option for accurate and easy verification of set pressure.
  • Reduced Noise: Modulating action minimizes flow and resultant noise during normal system upset reducing noise abatement costs.
  • Ease of Adjustment: Adjustment for set pressure allows accurate and dependable setting.
  • Remote sense option available at no added cost to the relief valv

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