Anderson Greenwood pilot operated safety relief valve
Anderson Greenwood pilot operated safety relief valve

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Series 700 Pop Action Safety Valve

Sizes: 2" x 3" to 8" x 10" Orifices: 0.503 to 26.0 in2 [3.245 to 167.7 cm2] Inlet Ratings: ANSI Class 150 to 600 Temperature Range: Up to 1000°F [538°C] Code: ASME VIII

The Series 700 pilot operated safety valve is unique as an all metal seated pilot and main valve. This extends the use of pilot technology high temperatures and is suitable for steam and/or gas service.

Features & Benefits:

  • All Metal-to-Metal Seating Surfaces: Trim specifically designed for high temperature service, plus enhanced chemical compatibility.
  • Patented Flexible Disc: Reduces impact wear while increasing seat tightness.
  • Dampened Trim: Dampening chambers control the opening and closing response, increasing valve cycle life.
  • Non-Flowing Pilot: Reduces seat wear and minimizes entrance of dirt and particulates in the pilot.
  • Adjustable Blowdown: Blowdown can be adjusted between 3% and 15% by turning the blowdown adjustment sleeve. Upper and lower blowdown rings and pins are not required, saving time, parts and costs.
  • ASME Section VIII Code Stamp: Certified National Board capacities for steam and gas service assures user of independent third party flow rate verification.
  • Unique Field Test Capability, this option allows accurate set pressure verification with valve in service. No system isolation block valve or rupture disc required.
  • An appropriate remote sense option is available at no added cost to the relief valve. Consult your sales representative.

700 Manifolded Dual Pilots* (Optional)

  • For maximum operating reliability, it is recommended to use dual pilots with built-in switching mechanism.
  • The manifold dual pilot provides "on line" spare pilot.
  • The safety lock allows the operator to isolate one pilot while the active pilot protects the system.
  • In-service testing and replacement of pilot under operating condition with full system protection.

* Patented

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