Varec 2010B and 2020B Pressure and Vacuum Relief Valves

Available Materials: Aluminum Carbon Steel Stainless Steel Special materials on application

Technical Data:
2" to 12" [50 - 300 mm] sizes available
Vent to atmosphere or pipe away model
Oversized pressure and vacuum ports
Optional “All-Weather” coating of valve seats and guides
Extended service available for chemical applications
Replaceable and interchangeable pressure and vacuum seat rings
Leakage rate of 1 SCFH [0.03 Nm3/hr] or less at 90% of setpoint
Pressure settings up to 2 psig [0.14 barg]

The Varec 2010B and 2020B protects tanks from damage or deformation, and minimizes emissions to the environment, as well as loss of product due to evaporation.

The Varec 2010B and 2020B Pressure and Vacuum Relief Valves are designed for use on atmospheric and low pressure storage tanks. The 2010B vents to atmosphere. The 2020B allows vapors to be piped away for recovery or destruction.

The primary function of both models is to protect the tank from physical damage or permanent deformation caused by increases in internal pressure or vacuum encountered in normal operations. On smaller tanks, the valve may also provide sufficient flow capacity for emergency venting. The “air-cushion” seating design keeps the valve tightly sealed until the pressure inside the tank approaches the valve setting. Valve selection should be in accordance with American Petroleum Institute Standard 2000 or other applicable standard.

Flow curves are provided to help you select the proper valve size for your venting requirements. Additionally, Varec’s applications engineering staff and factory trained representatives are always available to assist you.

By controlling tank venting, the 2010B and 2020B not only minimize emissions to the environment, but also minimize the loss of product to evaporation. When combined with a well-designed vapor recovery system, the loss can be cut to essentially zero.

An “All-Weather” option is offered for freezing climates. The design features a special non-frosting and icing-resistant coating on the pallet perimeter, stem, guide posts and tip-of-seat ring. The coating, along with the flexible Teflon® seat insert, provides additional protection against pallets freezing closed.

For high temperature and chemical applications, Varec recommends one of the extended service options, which offers the selection of O-ring, gasket, and screen material.

Features & Benefits:

  • The pressure and vacuum ports are oversized to provide maximum flow capacity.
  • The hood and cover can be easily removed for inspection and maintenance.
  • The seat rings are both interchangeable and field replaceable.
  • Protective screens are provided at pressure and vacuum ports to help prevent entrance of foreign matter.
  • The outlet adapter on the 2020B Series is one pipe size larger than the valve inlet flange to optimize flow capacity.
  • Part of Varec’s modular products which use interchangeable components for assembling a variety of functional configurations. The modular design provides flexibility of field installation and allows the valve to be reconfigured, repaired and even upgraded on-site by simply replacing or adding components.

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